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A Walk on the Corniche 01.03.2014
Private Homes in Abu Dhabi 01.03.2014
Abu Dhabi Architecture 01.01.2014
Another Drive through Oman 01.01.2014
A Day in Muscat 12.31.2013
Chandler Arrives and A Trip to Muscat, Oman 12.31.2013
An Evening in Al Ain and a Christmas Bazaar 12.16.2013
Al Ain, The Oasis City of Abu Dhabi 12.16.2013
Lunch Out 12.15.2013
Daily Life in Abu Dhabi 12.15.2013
Travel and Settling In 12.14.2013
One more time with a little mo' feeling 12.03.2013
Last Days 12.26.2012
Dubai - Day Two 12.25.2012
Al Dhafra Festival 12.25.2012
Dubai - Day One 12.24.2012
Chance encounter and a movie! 12.21.2012
Abu Dhabi Sightseeing 12.21.2012
A History Lesson 12.18.2012
Another lovely lunch and the Port 12.17.2012
Doctors and more exploring 12.17.2012
Decadent Brunch 12.16.2012
Ibn Battuta mall, Dubai 12.16.2012
Lunch, shopping with the girls, and a Party! 12.16.2012
A Few Domestic Days 12.16.2012
Marina Mall 12.16.2012
Flying to Abu Dhabi 12.15.2012
Preparations 12.15.2012